You can't run from your destiny

Beth : If u depressed, why u want this duty?

Jon : I won't, but i gifted!

Beth : Why u not rejected if u won't, Jon?

Jon : Bullshit. Its nonsense let the civilization lead the fools!

Beth : What do u need now? A power?

Jon : No, i won't. I need conection (sinergi).

Beth : Why the people's have to help u? U just idiot guy on looks of them. U have to change.

Jon : I have to change? For the people's? Why? How if, the people's just same after i changed?

Beth : At least, u changed.

Jon : What's matter i have to change? Where side of mine i have to change? Nothing i want on my future.

Beth : R u sure? How about that civilization?

Jon : Fu*k.

Beth : Nobody can run from his destiny. U can't run from ur destiny, Jon.

Jon : Am i care?

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