Goodbye (Yester)Day's

9 Juni 2015 pukul 13.20

Today i know the way
The word's should be spoken before i say
Touch my heart with your singing
Did you know what in my mind

The day's of yerterday has gone with twilight
My tears can't seen at your sight
You stay on your music
Close your ears thinks i just a bullshit

The day's of yesterday has gone with twilight
Today i rises from the east
Different, alright
I'll leave you there at night

My collar no more you touch
Tidied my hearth from your smile
Do you know when you laugh
The wind jealous to us

Grew cheerful as birds chirping in the morning
As warm blue colors of the rainbow
Led me back to the right way
Lost on your felt make me forget the day

Tired... Tired... I keep stepped
Waiting your answer never will missed
Againt the feel whine to miss
Said, your're waiting for me, i wish

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