The Origin of Love (Where The Love From?)

This story must be read by people who want to know the history of love. This story was interesting, as the author (haha). com'n, we soon see!

That said, ahead of the world inhabited by humans, all of the nature of Good and Evil roam aimlessly. Maybe they are looking for a place that can live in, that is man. They are bored and do not know what to do. Up on a Saturday afternoon, they gather, and Ingenuity make an suggestions.

"How if we play hide and seek?" the Ingenuity suggestion.

"Oh, I want to count, others just hide," the Madness answer quickly. All of nature knows, the Madness will be hard to find, because his mind in search of hiding places. They finally agreed, agreed. the Madness simply shut his eyes behind a tree.

"One ... two ... three ..." he began to count. While he was counting, all the goodness and the ugliness hiding.

Tenderness hiding behind the moon light, the sun had disappeared long ago. Treachery hides behind garbage. Valentine's hiding behind a thin cloud. The excitement desire to hide in the earth. Lie said that the lust that he would hide in the bottom of the lake, when he was hiding under the covers. Greed is inserted into the earth that he finally spit because the holes of the earth's uncomfortable. Arrogance hiding behind a tree to lean on the Madness that is being calculated. He is confident, will not be known by anyone. Really Genius.

Meanwhile, the Madness continues counting.

"81 ... 82 ... 82 ..."

Different the others, Love, like Doubt, has not been able to determine where to hide. When Madness (full name of the Gila) count to 99, Love jumped into a rose garden hiding. Turmoil and Unrest that saw it, suddenly can not calm down.

"Oh, really hidden there anyway? Do not be there, you'll dirty. Well you hide in the house clean and fragrant. How is this? Oh ... " said the turmoil and Unrest in the heart. They can not rest at all.

The Posesive not less hesitant to see Love hiding in the rose garden. He was terrified.

"What if there are snakes there? Hidden in there to eat a lion?" Said Posesive in the heart. He also can not calm down. But, where there may be a lion in a field of roses. Perhaps the only lion who had a sexual disorder.

Finally, the count was completed. Madness began to find his friends one by one. Of course, the head of the Arrogance is visible from behind the tree. He was the first discovered. Then Laziness, he did not go anywhere, lazy hide. In addition there is also laziness Boredom, he chose not to go into hiding, he was bored. Further Doubt, till at last count, he still hesitated to decide where to hide. Then in a row, behind the madness found Tenderness full moon light, Valentines behind thin clouds, lies under the covers, and lust in the earth. Turmoil, unrest, and Posesive found themselves together because of noise. One by one, Madness found them all, except love. Because never found, the lost sense of insanity and was approached by Desperate for failing to find love until Saturday night.

The anger prompted by the Refusal of the Unseen, that Love is behind the rose garden. Finally he told Madness where Love hiding.

"Love in a rose behind it," said the rejection of the insanity.

Because common sense has been lost, he was tired, he finally took the garden fork and stabbed her recklessly toward the rose bushes. He kept poking until a heartbreaking cry made ​​the Madness stop. Love finally came out from behind a collection of roses, covering his face with his hands. In between his fingers that was fresh blood flowing from his eyes. Madness too careless in their actions to find Love, he accidentally the Love till hurt so bad. While crying, Madness say.

"What have I done?" Madness said limply. "I have made ​​you blind, how am I supposed to heal you?" Saturday evening into an unforgettable history.

"You could not cure me," said Love. "But if you want to do something for me, you can be my companion," Since then Love becomes blind. However, due to be accompanied by Madness, in his blindness She was able to do anything, it is not uncommon extraordinary things.

Meanwhile, the Ingenuity of those found at the end, not the originator of an idea of hide and seek it. He is just an intermediary. Because of that proposed it, is The Truth that whispered in ingenuity. He was hiding behind all of it and the maker of hide and seek scenario.

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