A million dollar dream: Merry Riana

Dear anyone else in the hopeless in this world ...

Haha! I was very impressed with Merry Riana figure, with the story of 'unique' when she was in college. As if, I read my own story, but in other versions, in an enlarged version. That's why I laugh when it started this sentence.

I think, not the least in common with her story in college. But that made me applaud, she was female. No reasonable woman is positioned in such circumstances. Although, in the history of not a few women who become 'heroes', as an example for future generations. If Merry Riana (MR) like to drink water from the tap water while in college, so I always ask a friend who has a gallon of water in a rented. Or often I ask the nearest Warteg, fill bottles with mineral water, for preparation of the contract. Just to buy a gallon of water, I could not afford. Haha.

But, fortunately, MR live in a warm family, some time to spend the holidays around the country or even abroad. As for me, living in a family that is somewhat cool. He spent his childhood with pleasure. I, at age 4 years, I was thinking about the problem of my father. My father (he was a civil servant) to get the big motor prize (in 1992), from the head of the project. But the boss's office jealous. He urged, if the motor was not sold, the family allowance will be taken by him. Finally, with a heavy heart, my father would prefer that family allowances, and sells hard-earned results of his own motorcycle. At age 4 years, I've thought so! Not surprisingly, my face looks 'wise' (old) although only 23 years old. The last news I heard about my father's boss, he was tortured to death stroke. Did I have to laugh? I'm not a person with psikopath, which is always hard to see people happy, and very happy to see someone in the trouble.

In the age of 10 years, I worked as scavengers. PNS (civil servant) children become scavengers? What's more, I was the youngest child. Indirectly, I tear down a statement saying that the youngest is always spoiled. I'm a scavenger for about 6 months. As a result, I stayed at the 4th grade class. The rest of it I have started to think, "How does it feel to be a child scavengers?" I went to college for 5 years. And during that time I was 'hammered, nailed' by life - but fortunately I was a man. I think reasonable, although weight also experienced life at that time. First lived in Bandung, I often ate stale rice. Spend much time in the library not being able to buy books, make little notes to write whatever I feel is important, both from books I read or of inspiration that sometimes appear out of nowhere. In this semester I was also often out of the middle of the night, talking with the homeless, which I consider to meet the same fate. That's the beginning of the semester.

In the second year of college, I accommodate a student of Indramayu that fared better than me cause for concern. My contract is already narrow, but because I was the owner of the heart most talkative man, I told him to stay with me - instead of sleeping from mosque to mosque. Starting from the pay electricity, garbage, pay contract, until I was eating for two (of course with my money).

Once upon a time he got home that night, and then I asked, "you been eating?" He replied, "Not yet, of late," with a face like it's tired of not eating lunch? Gosh! I ran into a rented friend to borrow a few tens of thousands. I have no money then, I've never asked again to the parents and even from high school. When it happened, I was acutely aware of how feelings of a father or a mother who saw her son suffer.

Intention to college while I was working a deep grave. In addition parents are not allowed (I'm including the man who 'subject' in the elderly) also did not allow my teachers. Of course it made a high stress level. I need the money, but it should not work. How is this?!

There are many stories that make me laugh when I read this book Merry Riana. The book also seemed to agree with my history book in college that I'm writing. The title of his book "Pursuit of Love '. Not just alive, but also about the love. The story of life and love, from me until the end of high school to college. Especially towards the end of the story of college, when I was active in the community of street children, getting supernatural abilities, was rebuffed by the woman of my dreams, alienated friends, wrote four books without having a computer, I even completed the thesis by borrowing a friend's home computer from Cirebon . Moved to a rented an 'area' of land is even more grave, no mattress, tv, bahkanlemari was not there. I piled clothes, and making a pillow while sleeping. I do not know, maybe a lot of my saliva is there when I fall asleep. Am I poor? My family has a lot of cows, the fields and gardens, also a school for people who are less fortunate. But to me, a young man are not those who say, "My father is a king and my mother is a queen," but a young man are those who say, this is me and this is my work. And now, what do I do? Farmers. Am I sorry? The slightest, no. I could feel the happiness, even at times the most miserable. God has destroyed my confidence to shreds. The Lord has trampled my pride broken up no trace. But I still love him. For love, not a pleaded-request, but the giving and loving. I give my whole life to Him. In fact, even to God I was stop to hope. Just keep working hard, and always had a lot of dreams. Because of the beauty of life, can we felt when we (the body, mind, and heart) to enjoy it. The beauty is beyond ourselves, there is happiness in ourselves. Even when the beauty of life is lost, we can still have the happiness. _Pursuit Of Love_Part_

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