Games Ended, but Just Begining

Don faces and two friends - Ton and Bon - still looks pessimistic. They were disappointed not to graduate early months of this year, although the thesis has been completed. Their grievances as if spilled on the cafeteria table, while John and his three friends were talking about their disappointment. Unlike the three friends, John just laughed incessantly. Maybe, maybe, if the three friends were just having such a low level of frustration - which only lead to confusion of mind, then the frustration level Jhon as seven heavens. Because it is too stressful, John saw the flying bird twittering turtledove on the head three of his friends. He simply said, "The key to happiness is very simple: Do not think!" What did his friends? "You crazy!"

About a month before ...

On the night between John and Don are rather complex discussion happens. They discussed the philosophical concepts that actually took me months to learn it. About the union itself - human beings - with God (panentheism), about the dignity of the Seven, of the emanation of God, and also about things like heaven and hell.

"Did you pray?" Said John to Don.

"Not yet. I pray when I know where God lives, "

"Why, do you not know that sitting in front of you is God?"

"Haha, you're crazy base,"

"Eh, I'm serious. My body will be destroyed, but what about my soul? If for example, my immortal soul, who is my soul? If my spirit is not God, it means that there are two things that eternal, the Lord and my spirit?

"Hadeeh, dizziness. Already have a headache, "Don said, scratching his head.

"There used to pray,"

After Don prayers ...

"So, are people really can be fused (Panentheism) with God?"

"Depends what you mean by 'human',"

"What do you mean?"

"Only people who already are at the heart level are able to do it,"

"Eum, explain, explain more detail!"

"The level of human understanding is divided into three: sensory (physical), mind (thoughts), and heart (intuitive). Senses and the mind is deceived, but despite that we still have to optimize it, "

"Wait, wait a minutes, that deceive the senses and the mind? What does he mean? "

"Did you see the railroad? Rail was never united even in our vision, the farther rail is increasingly integrated. Small children, would say that a small star in the sky, adults having been able to think it's going to say a big star, but the believers will say that the big star remains small, because there is no greater than - the power - God, "

"So, how do we arrive at the level of the heart?"

"The purification of self,"

"How do you purify ourself? What are the signs that his heart was pure? How do we know that we have pure hearts? "

"How to purify ourself? There is no other way, but always continuous in the universal good - not individuals. The signs are, the good as such. We will not know our hearts holy or not, certainly we must continue in goodness, "

"Can other people a religion other than Islam, it could be one with God?"

"It could be,"


"God is one, only to have many names. Every human being can 'united' with him, as long as he is in a good way, "

"What about the concept of heaven and hell? Are not other than the Muslims going to hell? "

"Haha," John laughed. "Before, I would ask, whether heaven and hell exist?"

"Obviously there!"

"What is the evidence?"

"It is very clear in the scriptures (holly book)!"

"In the holy book? It's a fact, not evidence. Facts and evidence that's different, "

"So, what evidence is there heaven and hell?" Don asked.

"Why, is not that a question?"

"Give up, give up," Don lit a cigarette again, holding up his hand.

"Heaven and hell do exist, but we do not know and will never know,"


"You know it's based on evidence, logic, while the heaven, hell, or other metaphysical matters beyond the capability of the logic that depends on the evidence - that's why there is the concept of 'sure'. But despite that, we still have to maximize our logic. In order not to fall in the narrow fanaticism of our knowledge, "

"Um, is not heaven and hell was created for people who are good Muslims?"

"Haha," John laughed again. "Invented by whom?"

"It is clear by the Lord,"

"What's your excuse to say that God is able to create something?"

"Obviously, God almighty,"

"God never created anything,"

"What? How rationalizations? "

"If we're going to create something, we must think about the ingredients, right? How is it possible, that all-perfect God, think of 'ingredients' of His creation is not as perfect as God himself? Only all-perfect God, and God never thought of anyone, except God's own self, "

"Soon, soon. Mean, God does not think of us? "

"From the beginning I've said, we are God. Everything in this universe is God. But we'll never find it by the senses or mind, "

"Oh, God. It's really confusing, "murmured Don. "If so, for what we pray and worship?"

"For ourselves,"

"Then, all of our worship, our prayers, may be likened to the worship of God Himself?"


About a month after the discussion is complicated - they are several times the discussion of that theme, Don began the diligent and understand what the essence of religion and life itself. Until the end, he was very pleased when the thesis is approved by the supervisor - of the many good things he did.

"What say you, John. All will be beautiful just in time, "said Don in front of the faculty. John just smiled, unable to say anything with the consequences of what he said.

Two days after their conversation in front of the faculty, there was an announcement that Don and some friends could not pass the initial months of this year. The words 'All will be beautiful just in time' even though he had forgotten. Don pessimistic, disappointed by the announcement. He and two friends could only complain about the incident. Understanding of life as if he had got away. He returned in his confusion about the events he faced as a failure. Yesterday, after a thesis accepted by his mentor, he thought the 'game' was over. He thought that the 'scenario' student life would be over soon. But the hope that just made him more upset, graduation announcements are pending hearing. He thought, that is a good time soon - although probably not. The game is not finished, maybe even about to begin. Because, perhaps we think something good for us, although it is not. Or conversely, we often expect something bad to us, but maybe it's best for us

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